Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi, everyone!
Yes, we are home now--sorry to leave you hangin'!! We made a pit-stop to visit family in Los Angeles on the way home and have just been home now (at our house) for a week and a half now and are finally getting our feet under us a bit. The adjustment has been pretty rough, especially for the buttercup--so, hence on us too!! Just haven't had the energy to post--put I think we have turned a corner and things are looking up with the schedule and the sleeping. Stay tuned.....I have more pictures and more home update and will post more when I can. Right now....sleep is in my immediate future!

Just wanted to let everyone know we are home and okay!! Buttercup is healthy and happy and getting used to her new digs--she is a source of joy and entertainment to us for sure and we are getting to know her better and better each day.

More later......

Also a shout out to my friends, who leave this week (one tomorrow!) to go get their daughers!!! Go get em', girls!! bon Voyage and safe travels until we see you when you get back!!