Friday, June 15, 2007

More May Recap in Show & Tell--Part Deux

See, I told you I'd be back! Man, I started this post and it has taken me three sittings--I can't ever get the pics to go where I want them to in blogger--perhaps that is why I don't post more often--I really have to block out some time! (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) Well, let's see, I have a few great pics of the family at J & B's wedding at the lake house--the weather that day was absolutely beautiful. It looks like a backdrop, huh?

Little D makes an adorable flower girl--(after she threw the petals down, she bent down and picked them all back up--ha, ha!)

And off they go to get ready to head off for the honeymoon.... (BTW, I made the sign!)

and Baby K-the mini flower-girl :)...
and this little flower girl is going down fast...Nap time! :) Notice the zoning out gaze.

....and little C is just plain tuckered out from the big day!

Then a couple days of some more fun on the boat and playing at the playground for D and then the Brother and Fam headed back to Cali......I always get teary, but this time, yes, I actually shed the tears when telling them bye--I miss them and wish we got to see them all more often.

And after all the fun of the weekend, we get back to what we usually are up to on the weekends-the darn house. Fun's over and back to......... PLUMBING! And the fun continues each weekend since.....We actually did get through most of the plumbing and are now framing the coffered ceilings in the powder room and kitchen. Next phase: Insulation. I will keep you updated on the progress. Now you are caught up!

Yes, that is my downstairs at the moment and M toiling away (I am fetch-it girl).........sad, isn't it? ;)

Oh, in adoption news--not much, but there is rumor that we may see a few referrals come through by the end of the month!! (Two more weeks-Yay, Emily!!) We could be leaving lucky #7 behind soon--yahoo! Wishing everyone speedy referrals (including us) and fast travel too!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

May Recap (Show and tell w/ Pictures!) Part One...

Yes, it's me. Wow, those bad blogger's anonymous meetings are going great (thanks for asking, Em!) I think I'm still working through from reading steps to actually doing the writing. :) May has been an unusually busy month, as I have mentioned before here, so I will just have to post extra pictures to illustrate what's been going on......kinda' like show & tell. Let's see.....

First, at the end of April/First of May, my girlfriends and I had a lovely time at our college friends wedding on the beach, and also celebrating all of our 40th's this year with a nice girl's weekend.
Us at the barefoot wedding ...... commemorating our b'days..... and being touristy goofy.

Then the next weekend, Cinco de Mayo, another wedding to attend--very small and touching (w/ Margaritas!)--the groom cried when he saw the bride and we saw lots of friends we hadn't seen in a long time and stayed up waaaaayyy too late & had to recuperate all day the next day because of it...

The weekend after, off to Charlotte for M's sister's college graduation. Congrats, L! And there was Mother's Day--Had lunch with M's mom and the "fur kids" gave me a box of my abosolute fave choc. truffles and cards--one from the dog and one from the cats (I think they had help from dad.) I also got a sweet Mother's To Be note from my friend, Em. Sweet!

This brings us to the next week, where I got to meet my new little nephew Caimin and visit with the family for a few days. I even got to have a "slumber party" with my niece at my mom's house (I slept in the trundle beneath her, until she ditched me to go sleep with her parents in the next room :)

You know I gotta share a couple more pics of the new cutest nephew ever! (Really bad pic of M and me, though-we look really tired!)

He is a very easy-going little guy-(but quite a big diaper-soiler!)-just goes with the flow, while his sister keeps everyone in line, like most 2 year olds try to do! More later...

Baby steps, baby steps! If you're still out there, thanks for hangin' around.... :) Oh, and speaking of baby steps, We MOVED UP a couple notches on the list! We are now #7!!!!! Let's hear it for more referrals for June!!!!