Friday, January 25, 2008

Interview: Check!

We had our interview today at the US Embassy--was a piece of cake! We didn't need any of our additional paperwork (just our passports!), and we were done in a matter of minutes for each family. We are supposed to be able to pick up our visas on Monday at 4--Quoc will pick them all up and deliver them to the hotel for us-he is such a gem! FYI, that is the piece of paper we have been waiting for all this time, as it gives us the ticket to bring little Buttercup home!! Yipee!! We had all been figuring if it didn't go well, we could all just set up house like a commune and live here for two years and get back that way, ha, ha--but it seems all went well! There is still some possibility the visa processing could be delayed if internet systems go down temporarily between here and the US, as they have been known to do, so Quoc thought allowing for Tues too would be on the safe side, but it seems there is not a flight on Wed, so we may settle for leaving Thurs. on the noonish flight. We are planning to go to the ticket office tomorrow in person to get things switched around--will keep you guys posted.....

**Us celebrating with Tea at the hotel after the interview**
We went to the area of Hanoi that does custom tailoring in a matter of days with Bethany and Kevin this evening-- We got measured for custom clothes that we will pick up Monday! I am getting a jacket and an Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) and Matt is getting a suit. All custom made in fabrics of our choice--pretty cool! We left and walked a ways and ended up running into a street fair of sorts with all sorts of booths set up in the street and took in all the sites. We saw some beautiful original paintings in a shop that we loved, but the prices were a little out of our range--up in the thousands, so we had to just admire and walk away :(--we will have to try to find some more reasonably priced--the art is just beautiful--we just evidently have really expensive taste! (The gallery staff said that she had sold a pair of paintings to Bill & Hillary Clinton like one of the ones we really liked--ha, ha) We have tickets to the Water Puppet Show for Sunday morning--have heard a lot about it and am looking forward to see for myself what it's all about!
The little buttercup is doing well, however, I don't know if it's the weather change or what, but the eczema on her face has really gotten worse--this has been the case with all the Danang babies with skin issues--it doesn't seem to bother her at all, it just looks so red and seems like it would be uncomfortable, but I think it just looks worse than it feels. She just woke up this morning with a bad case of acne--poor baby--we are putting on some creme and hoping it will calm down. The doc in Saigon said she would probably grow out of it at some point.
I am loading more pics to the flickr site as I type, but as it is late, I will have to add captions and tweak later tomorrow.
And of course, what you are really looking for, the many faces of Buttercup..... :)

**When she's happy, she is so happy!**

**And Silly!**

**But, OH, when she is not happy, you certainly will hear about it--This is one of the famous screams--(we just had to get a picture) Tears your heart out, doesn't it? Really this was in a matter of getting her bottle ready--she gets testy if it's not there in a nanosecond--she was fine seconds later, when we delivered what she wanted. :)**

**Riding in the Cab, she is snug as a little bug in the carrier. She usually is sleeping**

**Naptime--She absolutely loves this little duckie named Emmit from Miss Niki--she sucks on his beak like a pacifier (which she will not have anything to do with) when she is trying to go to sleep and snuggles up with him--we have got to find another one for back up when we get home, just in case! **


Cliff & Chandra said...

She is so beautiful! Glad the interview process was super easy. Have a safe trip home next week!

Lynne said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!! You are doing a great job with the photos!. Aunt Linds. has had her share with the eczema demon. Betting it's detergent/saliva - I often wished I had stock in Eucerin cream. Glad to hear the interview went smoothly - it was your turn for "quick and easy".
Hope making your travel plans will go well, too. Looking forward to the next post and sending you love!
Lynne (Y&P)

Stepping On Legos said...

She is just so beautiful. I want to eat her up!!!!!!!!! She looks like she has so much personality! Congrats on the visa!!!

Pamela said...

Love, love, love the silly pic! :)Miss M is so adorable! She has the sweetest smile! What is not to love about that face! :)

So happy that all went well with your interview. Life is good!

Give that girlie girl a great big smooch from all of us!

Love to you ~

Mimi said...

Does this little one have a personality or what? She is going to be so much fun! Can't believe you all would ever be able to use the word EASY...but glad you can. The three of you deserve the absolute best. Sounds like the possibility of getting home a little early might be in order. A stop in CA to visit the M's still in the plan? Enjoy the time you have left there.

Can't wait to meet the little ham...and see you all too!

Love, Mom and PJ

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

She's totally stunning!!!! Isn't Quoc great? You'll be at home just in time to celebrate Tet at home....yay!

Bill & Ashley said...

Bill, William, Graham and I have loved checking your blog everyday and following your journey! We feel like we are on a travelogue! You are such a great writer!!! Marin looks like she has such a super personality! We can't wait to meet her! Thanks for allowing us to share in your experience!!


B&G&Dav&Caimin said...

SO Good to hear that you guys sailed through the immigration red tape. We can't wait to meet the new bundle of joy. We were glad to hear that you may be able to leave early. Fantastic! Hopefully all goes well with the travel re-planning. Just let us know your new flight details and we'll pick you up from the airport in Los Angeles - back home in the good ole' USA and Marin's first experience with our western culture. Should be an adventure!! Safe travels....

Love: Brent, Gina, Davy Lou & Caimin

Jenny said...

Congrats on ALL FRONTS!!! Sweet visa interview.

Put aquaphor on the acne, cams had the same thing in Hanoi and aquaphor cleared it up in day. It also could be craddle cap. the girls both had that and it spread and caused rashes that looked funny. We basically covered their heads and faces in the stuff and it helped to make it look soo much better. The Dr will give you meds if it is bad! (although we still have it)

My fav is the duck picture....can't wait to meet little M. I can't WAIT!!!


Jenny said...

oh and 3 girls have a duck, not exactly the same but similar with the beek, they suck on it still and they have them at oh baby.

Brenda said...

What a doll! She looks so sweet. I bet you could just eat her up. Hope you're getting back on track now that you're home. It's all worth it isn't it!